Project Corrupt? a few issues

I have a project that I started yesterday and recorded 4 patterns to. This morning I pulled it up to work on it some more and started by assigning some samples and working on pattern 5. I wanted this pattern to be a 1 bar break/fill. The first problem I noticed is that when I tried to set the pattern length of pattern 5 to 1 bar it wants to change pattern 4.

The next issue I see is that despite having a sample on Pad B1, and events on the pattern to trigger said pad, I get no sound. Patterns 1-4 behave normally(all created before the save/reload) Pattern 5 is pretending it doesnt exist.

FWIW - I noticed this also but assumed it was because it couldn’t fit “truncate pattern length from 4 bars to 1?” in that sub-screen… did you hit yes? When I saw it I didn’t even think much of it because I was working with an empty pattern for the most part, but I hit yes and it truncated the correct pattern.

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@juniorg youre right. I must be dyslexic. I was reading that dialog wrong. sigh…

The other issue though where I have a pattern that wont play is still an issue though…

ha we’ve all been there. Yeah the other issue certainly sounds like a thing - have you tried turning it off and back on again?

jokes aside, I’m sure Mickey will chime in on it - but it is the oldest trick in the book!

Im not sure what went wrong with this project. This morning when I reloaded it the pad B1 had the sound I expected assigned to it but just wasnt producing sound. I have power cycled the machine and reloaded the project and now B1 is empty. Maybe Im losing my mind…