Load Kit within a specific bank page

I don’t know if there s already a way to do this. But it would be great to be able to load a kit only on bank B while we have bank A already filled for example.


Agreed. Kit files would be so much more versatile with this simple feature.

This would be handy.


Could you please put it in the next update? :stuck_out_tongue: a simple “load kit within bank”

Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s currently about the same as saving a project right? I haven’t tried kits yet, since this is what I deduced from people’s complaints/requests on that front. When you load a kit it replaces EVERYTHING right?

Would it not be better to have “Save Pad” and “Save Bank”?

Where “Save Pad” would save that sound and all it’s settings, and be reload-able to any pad with the sound and settings. And the same for “Save Bank” where it would save an entire bank, and be reload-able on any of the 4 banks.

Would make a lot of sense imo.

Ditto this 100%. Right now Load Kit and Load Project are basically the same thing. Finger crossed this is in that magic “by christmas” update