Idea: Load Kit Across Pad

So, we can load kits across banks, thereby populating pads 1 through 8 (or more). And that’s great.

However, we can also enter multi-mode for any pad, thereby extending the pad across the bank. Even better!

Now, imagine if you could select a kit that contained 8 samples; a C major scale sampled from C3-C4 for example, and then assign it to be loaded to pad 1’s multi. It would be fantastic as a crude multi-sampling capability! It would also allow for Elektron style sequencing, as you could just use an 8 sample drumkit, and the multi-pad that you program into a specific step would obviously trigger the related sample.

Select Kit > Piano Multisample > Load to A1 (instead of bank A).

I think it would be dope as hell.

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would be great BUT with a tiny bit of prep you can achieve this anyway

just pre slice a sample with gaps before loading in

load in, hit slice, open multi hit B and voila - works for me