Large file CAN loop enable, but display issues [FIXED 458]

If have made a default project with a very short sample assigned to each track. When I assign a new sample to a track (which is longer by default), loop is enabled, even though the sample is larger than 2mb.

The second row of the waveform display is corrupted. Probably because a large sample cannot have a loop normally and the software cannot handle this.

  • New project
  • Assigned a very short sample to A1
  • Duplicated A1 to A2 (org. tracks)
  • Set loop on for A2
  • Assigned the sample to A3 also
  • Set loop on for A3
  • Now I loaded longer (>2MB) sample on A1, A2 and A3

The problem can be seen in the waveform view of A2 and A3. (7.2 KB)
ProjectTST03.KIT (6.5 KB)
ProjectTST03.S24 (14.5 KB)

This behavior has also shown me a way to crash the machine. I think this may have been reported before.

To crash do the following:

  • Using the above statements or project, make sure you have a sample bigger than 2MB with the loop enabled
  • Go into multimode
  • Look for a slice that also has loop enabled (some of them do, some don’t)
  • Save this slice to a new sample (you cannot)
  • Look at the screen you never saw before

Confirmed, thanks again @syah71 :+1: