Loop : make them infinite and available for files >2MB

Loop maximum repeat seems to be 99. When you make a drone, it’s not enough, because you reach this limit super easy. Could you add an infinite mode please ?

Also, i use very big wav files, way more than 2MB. I’m fine with not seeing them in the editor because they are too big, but why it’s not possible to set a loop ? I would be ok to set a loop without looking at the file, just by earing.


If you set your envelope to Classic and set the envelope to maximum, you have infinite looping. Most likely you are using the HiFi envelopes and therefore hit the 99 repetitions limit

Could you elaborate please.

With the volume envelope set to classic, use the fader to set the envelope to maximum i.e. the full length of the sample.

Then, in loop/slice mode, turn looping on and you have the option to set the loop reps to forever.


I would like to renew this request to increase the limit on the file size to greater than 2MB. I have in mind something like at least 8MB, but perhaps even as high as 16MB (a little less than a quarter of the total 64MB of RAM); with a file size of 16MB, the user could assign up to four of the maximum file size loops to pads.

Of course, the user would still need to change the envelope to classic in order to take advantage of the “forever” looping feature. However the substance of this feature request lies in the 2MB limit for samples set to loop “forever” irrespective of the envelope setting.