Edited title) arbitrary numbers in available loops using classic env. Inconsistent because?

1: set up a loop in a file -
**using HIFI env as volume i get a loop count in secs or choice of 1- 99 repeats - using classic i sometimes get the choice of 3 fixed times in seconds, sometimes i get 2 fixed times, maybe 4 times or more or foreverā€¦is this how it is supposed to look? :woozy_face: Is this number of available loops is based on the length of the sample and where we place the end point?

thankyou anyone

i removed half my post about a file playing after loop end point as it has been confirmed as none existent due to us having to use slice end instead

Classic decay settings are fixed times. The loop repeat time is just a calculation based on the shorter of the decay time and the sample length.

cheers for the info fella

edit: so @Mickey after thinking about your reply i dont think we are on same page, my question is why the limited choices in classic mode? we are just choosing a looped area in our sample - there is a forever option so why canā€™t we see more that are less than forever?