Feature Request: Playback Loop type

I was sampling with the S2400 today and a record player taking snippets here and there and I realized for sustained type sounds (pads or drones) having Loop Types might be good. Looked in the manual and couldn’t find this anywhere.

I’d like the following Loop Types:
1.) Forward = Play sample forward, loop forward from loop point (How it is now)
2.) Pendulum = Play sample forward until end, loop reverse until loop point, then forward again. This will sound slightly more organic
3.) Random = play sample forward until end, loop at random point between Loop Point and End.


That’s a neat idea!


Hey Thanks!
Just trying to bring this awesome sampler into the 90’s!!


Pendulum sounds like a really nice one! Like a tape-player or vinyl record!


a crossfade option for 2) would be nice as well. To smooth the looping part. :slight_smile:

Yes, crossfade types for loop points, but with ZERO CROSSING finder in recent firmware updates, this might be redundant.
HOWEVER, with this back and forth looping, the endpoint is the startpoint, and the startpoint the endpoint, thus no audible “clicking”

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+1 bumping this.

The latest firmware update (2022/02/24) makes the s2400 a very good sampler/sequencer when used on its own.

It would be even better with advanced looping functions like mentioned above :slight_smile:

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