More looping options

If reverse is implemented one day, more options when looping.

For example alternate loop. Playing the loop forward, reverse, forward reverse and so on.

I ll receive my s2400 in a few days so I don t know if it is possible but if it is not already here, crossfade loop.

Ability to have flexibility when setting loop start, end, looping points.

Super excited to start using the S2400 :slight_smile:


If by ‘alternate loop’, you mean ‘ping pong loop’, as that sounds like what you’re describing, I wholeheartedly second that. I was going to post that as a feature request, as this is something I use often to help extend the length of a sample instead of using timestretch which I hate. Also it can create some very interesting effects.


Yeah this is what I meant. I m doing the same when making beats. I extend chops length a bit with pingpong or crossfade loops. Crossfade loops sounding smoother.

Hopefully it will be added one day. More sample manipulation options are welcome :slight_smile:

Please don t forget people making boombap lol