In Multi-Mode Loop/Slice - having the ability to chop sample using pads

It would be awesome if there was a function available in the future that would allow one to chop samples in multi-mode loop/slice by hitting the 8 pads.
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Could you explain a little more please, because in slice multi the pads are auto sliced already.

In Multi Slice, I would like to be able to load a sample, and then assign starting points by hitting the pads. Essentially using the pads to chop the sample.

The native instruments maschine sampler (and surely others) has this feature to help chop one sample across multiple pads - basically play the sample and it is assigned to pad one - then sequentially hit your pads in time to automate setting your sample start/end times. It’s kind of a nice workflow.

On the subject I’ve often wanted to spill my multi view over into a real track bank so I can further tweak. Like take multi from loop-edit view and after some command they would be actually assigned to a bank instead of hidden behind the edit multi screen. Then I could modify envelopes, pitch, etc.

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The new SP404 MK2 also has this. Is a pretty cool feature to be fair. Means you can listen to a full song for example, and just hit a pad where you want a slice, then obviously go back and fine tune it all after. Definitely not against this idea haha.


Another a cool feature in multi slice would be if you could hit the bank button to allow an additional 8 slices.


Isn’t that “Lazy Chop” on MPC etc?


I think it’s exactly that!

Oh yeaaaaah need that pllllleaaazz

also…i have the excellent Alex Ball 808 kit…each sound is recorded for about 20 seconds to capture RR hits to capture nuances in each hit…is there a way for the S2400 to hit the different nuance hit randomly but still hitting the same pad?

It’s called “lazy chop” and I think it was first seen in the new/current MPC ecosystem.