Headphone Out Issue

Not sure if this is a hardware or a software issue but the headphone out on my unit is totally saturated with noise and the samples barely come through. Regular outs (at least the mix outs) seem to be fine and clean. Feel like this might be a hardware issue. Tried a couple sets of headphones as well to rule that out. I’m able to plug my phones into the mix out as a workaround and there are no issues. Other than that, holy shit what an inspiring design.


Did you install the firmware update? It has a fix for reversed headphone stereo outs. L was R and R was L and while that isn’t your issue I wonder if it would fix it.

Plan on running that update today. This is definitely a bigger issue than reversed stereo.

I know it is, however I was implying that the firmware update may in fact fix your issue especially if the headphone out isn’t performing as it should. It may be the same bug manifesting differently. And if it isn’t the firmware update may still in fact fix it.

If it doesn’t then it may be a hardware issue. Hopefully not.

Updated firmware. Tried a 3rd pair of really good headphones (blue) and the noise is definitely less than it was previously but still present. I’ll try and record an audio sample to post.

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I checked my headphones to see if I had the same issue. I definitely notice more noise floor compared the regular outputs… but not what you are noticing. I have AKG 701s by the way.

The headphone output will be updated again in the next update. It is being tested internally, and will be posted soon.


I also have a problem with my headphone output that only works on the right side.
The helmet works very well. Sony MDR 7506
I have tested other minijack to jack adapters.
I tried to shock the output by plugging/unplugging the jack several times.

I’ve updated it but it’s still the same.
I also have a noise in both ears.

I manage to get the sound on both ears when I unplug the jack a little (like the filters on the SP1200) but I have a loss of dynamics and I’m in mono.

I live in Paris, France I hope I won’t have to send the S2400 back to Miami.


I am in trouble with exactly the same symptoms as you. I live in Japan, so I hope I won’t send it to Florida.

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Mine arrived in Florida last night, they are currently working on it, it has to be shipped out tomorrow. My serial is #155 what’s yours ?

I haven’t received a response from support yet. My number is #172

Brad has service people in different areas to avoid having to ship back to the US as it’s not cost efficient. I’m sure they will be back to you when they have a solution for you.


I think this is a separate issue but twice on the newest firmware my headphone out just seemingly randomly stops working properly and only outputs on one of the channels and at a quieter volume with loud poping noise when removing or plugging headphone back in. Both times I turned the machine off and on again and it was fixed.

the metal rng popped out on mine. i looked in’ the hole and saw that the inner Jack was Loose, messaged brad and suggested i put in a ticket…:cry:

Hi - i’m currently having this Problem…Stereo headphones gone crazy
Mix OUT L and R are fine

Here’s an audio clip of what i’m hearing - mind your ears !
anyone got any suggestions ?
the firmware has been updated for ages - this is a recent thing - thanks!

Open a ticket. It may be faulty hardware.