Panning seems to be reversed on 12/10/2020 firmware update


Running S2400_20201210_142252.upd, if you load a sound and then go to the panning function, move the slider up and the horizontal slider in the screen will move right. However, the headphones will output on the left channel.

I assumed that’s what the “reverse headphones” had fixed under the bug fixes on this release, but I’m not sure any more, as this is still the same as the previous firmware.


It’s a known issue that was set to be corrected with the latest firmware, but that didn’t happen. See post:


are you saying it’s only coming out of one side of the headphones and not the other, or that they are still swapped.

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still swapped, mickey apologised and said the other day its in the pipe for the next fix

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Just reversed, just read everyone is aware of this. Thanks for the reply.