Headphone out shutdown

Creating a separate thread for this issue because I think it is an important one and slightly different than the post I brought it up under initially.

Issue is with the headphone output. If the headphone jack or cord gets pulled slightly when jamming/jiggles or gets slightly dislodged the headphone out stops working suddenly after a popping noise. Once this happens I get output only from one ear. Requires power off and on and then it works again.

I created a support ticket and Rob described this as a protective feature of the headphone chip to protect the machine or headphones from issues with impedance?

If this is not preventable this makes live performance use almost impossible since you cant power on and off in the middle of a set. Anyone else experiencing this? I want to get a sense of if this is an issue with my headphones or something others have had. For studio use, it is not as big a deal although slightly annoying and painful to my ears (pop is loud).

I ve just tried to use the machine with the headphones half-plugged, or connecting/disconnecting 2-3 times in a row while pushing a pad and it seems to work fine here. Well just done that for 30 seconds after boot so conditions differ from your issue I presume.

Do you have other headphones to double check it’s happening each time?

I do - will test more - I still think even if the headphones are causing it this is a very strange choice for design. I’ve used these headphones with tons of outboard gear (synths, digitone, drum machines, sound card) never had an issue at all…

Just wanted to update on this issue - I replaced my headphone cable and the problem improve but still happens really rarely. I noticed the other night it happened when I had some static electricity discharge from wearing house slippers (furry). Anyone else experiences anything like this???

Pretty dramatic the whole audio board shuts down - you would know if you had it. If I am the only one it is a little worrisome…