For all you maniacs with two S2400s

How are you using both of them? Because now I’m a maniac, too, and I’ve pre-ordered a second one.

My plan is to leave one deeply integrated into my primary MIDI/synth setup to use as “just a drum machine,” essentially like a LinnDrum with lots of sounds, and then the other one for beatmaking alongside my SP-404 MKII.

My second one is purely for ‘back up’ should I ever need it. It stays in its box in the closet but gets pulled out for upgrades. I also like to sometimes work away from my dedicated studio room, as it helps me to focus in when I’m on a time crunch. So I’ll sometimes set the second one up in the living room or on the dining room table and work from there for the day/evening. But I’ve not yet tried to integrate two at a time. I haven’t felt a need with the kind of music that I make.

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That makes sense. I love this machine so much, and I definitely don’t want to wind up without one, so that’s part of my rationale too. I really think I won’t be using both at once, but the current one is set up in a way that makes it less than super hands-on playable, but it’s by far the best setup for it in my space.


I have my heart set on buying a second machine as I keep running out of sample slots and memory, looking into the idea of another 2400 or perhaps another brand of sampler for side car duties. new Roland SP404 mk2 looks interesting,

The SP-404MKII is great. I had a 404SX for a long time, and I loved it, and sold when Roland announced the MKII, because I wanted to beat the flooded market. Then the MKII took a YEAR to be available lol.

The 2.0 firmware on the MKII makes it reminiscent of an older MPC in many ways, to me. The effects are really good, and it makes lots of things very performable. I think they have a similar kind of ethos, despite being pretty different.

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I was thinking of getting a second one, as had been working crazy overtime during the summer and wasn’t going to get a vacation but I bought the MPC2500 with full memory expansion and SP404 MK2. Would still consider getting a second s2400 if I came into some money again though…felt a couple of different machines gave me sum depth and new things to learn to keep me on my toes creatively

The 2500 looks solid. How do you feel about it? I can see it, the 404mkii, and the S2400 being a mean combo.

made tons of records with just a 2500 running JJOS, solid machine, feels much better with the Right side jog wheel upgrade. I might dig it out and try running it alongside my 2400, the trouble is the size of these machines compared to the new SP404 or 1010 music back box and not so good for longer samples. also, I’ve never slaved my MPC, so not sure if it will like that.

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Yeah it’s great, I had a 2000xl before so know my way around an MPC. It compliments the s2400 nicely. It is a big step up from the XL IMO, built in effects as standard, decent EQ and a compressor. A lot of people don’t rate it and say sound quality isn’t there, but am sampling thru a Roland MX1 which I think gives everything a little bit of punch to it anyways. Also it’s used by one of my favourite producers; Alchemist and that was a motivational factor in getting it and the price compared to a fully loaded XL…