Folders ending in space

I think I found a bug in the firmware when trying to assign a sound to a pad from a folder whose name ends with a space character aka ” “. It then seems to be going into a ? folder and then gets stuck there requiring a hard restart of the machine to fix itself.

No problem to remove them - just wanted to report the bug so it gets fixed

@j.m I don’t think there is an issue with underscores in file names. 99% of my files have underscores!

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@Benjaminmiron, I cannot reproduce this bug. I created a folder ending in a space and put a WAV file in it. The S2400 assigns that sound just fine. Can you give me more details?

good news, sorry i just remember the post yesterday somebody was struggling and the characters seemed to be playing a part, my foolish misunderstanding

That was a slash in the folder name.

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Happened to me twice- one of the instances also had a slash “/“ in it! Other one though did not I believe. Not sure if it was some unidentifiable character since it was a sample pack but for the other I deleted the last empty space and it fixed it so I assumed that was the issue.

Looking at this thread I wrote an automator script to search for folders in my S2400 sd card that end in a space. Found 4 of them, and they are all in Paul Cheeba’s Greedy beats. Since this sample set has been mentioned here I thought I would list the folders so that you can fix them if you are using this (excellent) drum library…