Freeze when loading sounds from a specific folder

Hey team,

Managed to get my machine to freeze up repeatedly when trying to load a sample to a pad from a specific folder of hi hat samples. The contents of the folder does not display properly in the machine once I’ve entered into it.

When I try to exit out of the folder, i get text that doesn’t make sense then the machine freezes up.

The folder contains 49 .wav samples at 16 bit 48k.

Let me know if I can provide any further info on this.



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can you ZIP up the folder and provide it?

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Sending direct - cheers

seems like FAT32 does not like file/folder names with a trailing space, did you create that on the device?


That’s what I had reported the space was messing mine up too.

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Hi av500, I did not create it on the card, however I did convert the contents from 24 bit to 16 bit on the card, strange because I ddi this to all my files and folders and its just 1 or 2 that behave like this.

simple fix: do not use files/folders with spaces at the end