Flash internal memory with own samples and auto load

I’d like to be able to flash the internal memory which contains the preloaded s2400 samples.

As much as the samples are interesting unfortunately then none that I can use and I wish I would be able to switch on the machine, auto load some kits (a la mpc 2000xl) and get started straight away without having to do any major menu diving before starting. One of the main features and advantages of such a groovy and solid drum machine, is the ability to move quickly. I think an auto load function would be really really really helpful and for those of us who don’t like scrolling through drums, snares or kits and just get straight to the matter and start producing loops and beats.

I bought a S2400 in the last day. Greatness. But I’ve got locked-in musical bits that belong to someone else. Like buying a car, I’m not expected to lock a few litres of petrol in it that I cannot use, in case the next buyer doesn’t know how to fill it?

This machine, to all involved, is an amazing re-imagination of what a drum machine can continue to be. But? Please? It’s obvious the internal Flash is best not constantly worn, but for reasons, I’d like to empty, and install things “I” use in this machine I bought.

Could there please be a facility - like the nasty MPC’s had - where you could “operate on” the flash: Clear it, and copy in a folder of one’s favoirite go-to stuff, and then ‘hands-off’ and away…? Normal saves are committed to external SD card as expected to prevent regular wear etc.

Without insulting anyone who made or collected that stuff, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and many spend years acquiring and recording, finessing and editing their own sets. It would be nice to clear the stock stuff, and drop in one’s own work, onto… one’s own machine.

Thanks anyone who notices this.

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