Fixed Filters on Isla 2400

Hello guys i will soon be a new user of the ISLA family and wanted to ask when linking the machine usb to my Daw can you capture the fix filters while recording if not is there ways around it or will it ever be a capability to do so soon on updates?

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There is no way to record the fixed filters through usb. You can only hear them on the analog individual outs. That seems unlikely to change. The only way I could see it happening is with the new filter board or DSP board somehow enabling them to reroute those outputs to the digital out Those boards are supposed to be getting demonstrated fairly soon so I suppose we’ll know soon enough.

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Thanks! Can the fixed filters still record out from outputs 1 and 2 at least like the SP? If that makes any sense or you understand what I’m asking?

I believe only digital filters can work in such a way.