Firmware update extra folder missing files

I’ve downloaded the new update and when my S2400 is updated all of my files are deleted. The internal and the sd card. It shows the folders but nothing in them. I changed the update to upf instead of upd. And I’ve noticed there’s an extra folder titled @&$7 something like that. I’m i doing it wrong. The last update was good for me.

I did the update by putting the s2400 into MSC mode then dropped the new firmware onto the root directory of the SD card then turned MSC mode off.

As soon as I did this the s2400 brought a message on screen saying there is a firmware update detected (or something similar) I then pressed to continue onwards and it installed the update. It takes a while so be patient.

Once complete everything has been fine for me kits and projects are still working .

I did that as well and still get the errors no files found