Feature request: Portamento

Polite request for a track portamento option please to bend between same sample triggered at different pitches. It’s a classic sampler effect and would sound amazing on the S2400.


That would be really cool!!

+1 would love this as an option even if it’s in some nested menu

It has no sound engine or mod matrix. I wouldn’t hold your breath. There’s the sequential prophet x that does have all that.

Portamento is sliding the pitch up or down when a sample is played in different pitches, and the S2400 is certainly capable of that as it already has pitching. It is a standard sampler feature been around since the first Akai’s, nothing fancy! :slight_smile: Would be simple to implement

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It doesn’t currently have any modulation. It would need slew the pitch. There is nothing in there that would do that. Not even an lfo so…

It has envelope to pitch modulation which does exactly that (slews the pitch up/down) - have a look in the HiFi envelope page!


That’s true - I’m still waiting on my unit. Aren’t the envelopes based on the slice length?

So it’s not like I’m against the idea. Modulating samples would be cool. It could be more development than you think though.

Envelopes control volume, pitch or filter. They can be per slice, not investigated that yet.

Portamento usually comes with the option of legato too so it bends up or down but doesn’t retrigger the attack.

I imagine this would be fairly straightforward to implement as it’s using existing capability (pitch bend) but of course I’ve got no real idea :slight_smile:

Would be a big hit with the 808 bassline folks!

As far as I know, the envelopes are locked to slice length - has that changed? I’m not a developer so I have no idea how easy it is either :laughing:

Yes, envelopes are sample/slice length based, you can change the percentage though. 100% is the envelope over the whole length of the sample/slice, 50% half of it etc… :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks!