Erasing sounds/white noise

A few minutes ago I was building a beat just getting more familiar with my S2400. I loaded sounds on Bank A on pads 1-7. Then I built a 8 bar sequence with those pads. Then I muted pads A 1-6. I then loaded sounds on bank B pads 1-8 and built a beat with different drums on pads 2-7. So all together there were only 7 sounds playing at that particular time. I went to test the 808 sound that I loaded on Bank B pad 1 and the pad was playing white noise/static. I posted the video on the Facebook page. Just making you aware of the issue if you weren’t aware already.

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Sounds similar to this topic, could be due to a 32 bit file. You should link your video here for them to compare.

If you save the project and reload, does the problem still occur? I couldn’t see the FB video. Could you post it here?

I just did it and the sound is back to regular. It has to be a bug.

It’s saying that the video is too large which is why I posted it to the s2400 forum on Facebook

I’m struggling to find it. Link?

Thanks. Can you confirm which OS you’re currently using?

Also, is it possible you ejected the SD card at some point? There was a bug a while ago where longer samples streamed from SD could play white noise if the SD card was ejected.

I have the 8/12/21 update installed and I used Max OS X Catalina. I also have not removed my sd card in about a year since The first update.

Ok thanks for the info. It’s difficult to pin-point exactly what might have happened. If you don’t mind uploading the project we could take a look and see if there are any clues there.

Project019.S24 (12.2 KB)

Thanks for the project. Can you upload the WAV file that was causing the problem as well?

Attached is the audio file

Hey There @Whitej914 looks like that is a 32bit float wav. This has been fixed in Dev so will be in the next release. Sampling them down to 16 or 24 bit would prevent this now and use less RAM. If you don’t want to do that it will work in the next release.


Nice thank you!