Envelope A/B buttons bug? No: just following old video manual -

Hi team
Just received my Isla and following Alex Balls videos so something weird is happening.
When i click Envelope and then A button i only get Play override message on and off. Nothing else. It stays in the classic v envelope only. When i click the B button it switches between the V envelope and the AHDSHR envelope. This is the opposite of the videos. Not just that but the B button now doesnt register the two dots envelope. Is there something wrong here? Cheers.

Edit. Just discovered that Shift button changes the envelope now(this wasnt mentioned or done in the Alex Ball video). It seems some things have changed since the original video leading to this confusion. So i can access all envelopes but not in the way he describes.

Just checked the manual as well and its been updated. to the Shift press with B to change envelopes.

Perhaps ask Alex to update the videos?

stuff has changed since the vids man, you gotta use them for entertainment imo, nothing more

the machine is evolving quickly which is gooooood

they could put a TEXT box in the vids i suppose but at some point they will have to stop and just say this was related to FW vxxx…

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btw to get to hifi env 2 you click B and then shift+b and look to the right of the oled you see it change to #2 - no bug mate :slight_smile:

i found this by accident but i imagine it is in the manual?

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Yes i just discovered this by accident. Ive been watching the videos since the beginning without the S2400 and so much has changed it appears they are for entertainment only now. Yes text idea on the videos to stop the confusion is a good one, like it :slight_smile:

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have fun buddy

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