Env 2 bug - it is auto adjusting it's own attack

i have this on video but cannot upload which is a pita, i am not loading to YT although i will if Mickey wants to see it, i assume i am not the 1st to see this surely? i hope it’s a common bug and not my2400

goto env mode and hit run, watch the oled and env 2 is adding attack, this is mirrored in playback audio which is proper annoying and the main A screen in env also.

blank and fresh project, no files, it still happens so is not something i did with the sequence.


Please put the video on a google drive or drop box or something and post the link here.

here you go squire, i didn’t think of doing it like this thanks for the idea Google Drive: Sign-in

good luck finding it mate - i just had the sustain level and the last HOLD stage auto change

again it was a new, blank project, no steps entered, no files loaded

The top pot controls the attack. The machine eventually gets a different enough reading on that pot that it thinks the pot has moved, so it sets the attack to the pot position. Might be a bit sticky. Give the pot a bunch of slow turns fully back and forth. Let me know if it is still happening after that.

ok i will keep my eyes open mate

@Mickey this shows you again - the machine does this at will , i know i am not the only one encountering it

getting very frustrated as you can tell by my tone in the video - it did it to me yesterday repeatedly, basically makes me a passenger at the behest of the machine

today i decided to record it out of frustration

every time i use the box it does some weird shi7, i know you have lots on but this is now the 2nd time i have shown video - is the fix found ?

Yes. I see it. In my opinion, it is a hardware problem with that pot.

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ok cheers mate, i hope not but let’s play devils advocate

the previous vid i sent to you was channel 7 i think? i must dig that vid out, i have had on ch2, 5 and 6 so that would indicate they are all f’ed?

it changes parameters too, sometimes sustain, sometimes attack - both are pot related in hifi mode i think i am right there?, but i have seen release do auto changes too and that is not connected to pots?

so i have to start a return? ok that sucks

Can you give me the exact steps to see/replicate this bug?

I had ENV weirdness (ENV hi-fi 1, iirc, changing automatically) too a few weeks back (haven’t used the machine much since then)… but would like to see if my particular machine has/replicates the same problem too.