ENV settings lost and changed quickly after doing them

So, I was shaping some ENV for 2 samples I recorded.

I used hi-fi, ENV1, button A to show the ENV screen, and set the AHDHSR, etc.

After I set the ENV, hit A again to exit the ENV1 shape screen, and hit play to audition/play with the newly ENV-edited-sample against my running pattern, the ENV shape totally changed and my ENV shape settings are gone. I think attack and length was kept though; everything else I had to keep re-doing.

It also happens if I don’t hit button A and stay in the ENV1 shape screen, after I hit play to play with the ENVed sample against my pattern.

I kept re-doing/making my desired ENV until it kept it and until it didn’t change it automatically when I hit play.
It eventually kept its’ ENV shape after 5 or so tries… and is working/keeping the ENV shape now.

Dunno if that’s a bug, or if I’m not doing it correctly?

The B button switches envelope. There are two of them.

Yes, I know button B switches from ENV1 to ENV2. My first post was a typo, I meant button A.

What I mean is: I create/shape a new ENV in hi-fi ENV1 screen button A, then hit play to audition/play it with the pattern, then that new ENV shape I just made is now changed/lost automatically. ie: it doesn’t keep the shape I just made a few moments ago, right after I hit Play.

Am I supposed to save-project right after I shape an ENV, and before I hit play or do anything else, so it doesn’t automatically change/lose the ENV I just made?

Oh, I get it now. Thanks for the more detailed explanation.
That does seem like a bug. I will look into it.
You don’t have to save the project, but you would have to exit the envelope editor. (until bug is fixed)

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Nice! Hope it gets fixed.

Yeah… it’s weird, it seems whenever you hit Play, it loses the hi-fi ENV1 you just shaped.

Trying to replicate the issue. Do you mean the envelope shape actually changes on the screen?
Or that you are not hearing the changes in the pattern?

Both - automatically changes/lost in screen, and my ENV changes in pattern-play aren’t heard (heard, is the automatically changed/lost ENV that I didn’t want/make/shape).
Happens after I hit pattern-play.

Right after I hit pattern play, the new shape I made is changed/lost. I re-hit A to double-check the shape (and it is def different). And, it also sounds like the automatic change/loss.

Perhaps it doesn’t happen all the time?

regular mixer-mode > choose pad/sample/track (pad2&3 for me) > env button > A to hifi screen > shape AHDSHR > hit A to exit hifi screen > hit pattern play.
(but, it also happened without exiting hifi screen button A, after hitting play)

Sorry, just trying to understand.
If you press play while still in the envelope editor, the lines on the screen move?

Yes, pressing play will change the shape to a different shape I never made.

But, it also happened when not in buttonA editor (after I exited out of editor by hitting A, then press play).

Okay, thanks. I have not been able to reproduce that yet.

Only happened once to me so far (but when it did happen, it kept happening).

At the same time… I’ve only used ENV editor a few times. So, that may not be good.

I kinda feel it may have reverted to a previous shape I (temporarily) made prior to entering hi-fi buttonA screen. Or, mixed the 2 ENV up into something new in itself.

Like… I made a quick rough ENV with only the knobs/fader… then entered buttonA hifi screen, then shaped within that instead (drastically new diff shape though), then hit Play, then it may have reverted back to that “quick rough knobs/fader ENV” I made earlier, instead of keeping the newly made hi-fi ENV1.

We still can’t reproduce this. But, this video makes it very clear what is happening.
The top pot controls attack, and it is set in the middle. The machine is seeing a change in that pot position and setting the attack. I suspect there is a problem with you pot(s). Maybe the ribbon cable is loose, or the pot was not soldered correctly.

replying to you in 3 threads now, will stop cheers mickey

Was my past OP/problem different than Jamie’s?

I was thinking mine was just maybe user-error - I may have Recorded a rough-ENV (using only knobs/fader, non-hi-fi) prior/before going into and using hi-fi ENV1.
So, when I then made my adjustments inside hifi-ENV1, then hit Play (and Not Record), it probably just reverted back to the prior rough-knobs/fader-ENV(non-hi-fi) that I Recorded earlier.

It sounds that way but check Jamie’s video - if you can recreate that issue then please raise a ticket so we can get it looked into also. For all other bugs and issues though please be sure to always make this forum your first port of call as we have to rule out software bugs before we look at hardware. The dev team don’t have access to tickets as its dedicated to returns and repairs etc


@fooddude i reply here as its getting all over the place and want to at least help the admins out where possible so the discussion gets centred, you asked how to see it:
for me it happens in env mode but hifi is more apparent as you can see the screen out the side of your eye, when i am making adjustments to all stages to shape the envelope is the catalyst but it seems that the fader being moved into full attack is what kicks it off, after that it gets like the video where it becomes predictable - attack up, screen changes, attack down and so on

the common train of thought is hardware problem though, possible ribbon, possible pots

doing a ticket and will start the process pal - i will update once sorted and what we checked to get to the end, hope its simple and just ribbon, no big thing then, just some screws and a bit of fiddling and can get back to business :slight_smile:

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I never saw your video, and cannot view it now (it is now “unavailable to view”)… so, I don’t know exactly what is happening in your situation.

Also, I need exact steps please… one line at a time (please hit Return after each step), that are easy to follow.
I am confused if I should test in non-hi-fi, hi-fi, ENV1, ENV2, and which faders/knobs, which env parameters (AHDSHR) etc.

i have removed the video as the commentary was a bit passionate and i am not trying to continually stir it up, as you can imagine i am well annoyed but they are doing what they can to resolve it , is what it is for now

btw there are no exact steps, it happened all the time, the video showed that every time i touched a fader the settings would jump back to where i had not set them - you would know if it was happening to you, you could not miss it visually or aurally