Emulator II, Proteus factory libraries- somewhat organized


This is another gearslutz cross post, but I have done some cleanup of the directories to make them quicker to navigate on the S2400. Folders with thousands of files were pared down to subfolders since long lists seem to slow scrolling in the assign/preview screen. There is a lot of cool s#!t in here, so if you hadnt seen this before do check it out. There are folders with .EII files(a container for the audio and patch settings) that can be opened on your emulator II or the Arturia EII V, and there are wav files that most anything can open. I didnt resample these to 44.1 so you may notice you have to pitch shift them. Some are 25-28khz sample rate so they playback a touch fast. Ive also noticed that preview mode sometimes does not play the audio back, but once you assign it to a pad it will play back. Assuming that is when the audio engine re-samples it?


If you have a file that does not preview, please upload it here so we can take a look at it.

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Will do- I tried it with a file that I had an issue with earlier and it worked. I have found some full length songs do not preview reliably, but this may or may not be a different thing.

Not part of the EII library, but this file will not play or preview… The only thing I can see different about this particular file is that it was converted to WAV from MP3 and has picture info embedded in the wav header…

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Thanks for the example. Although the RIFF standard does not specify an order for the chunks, this one is rather atypical. @av500 will take a look at it.

Thanks Mickey and av500. If I can make more- they were originally created by batch conversion of mp3-> wav in wavelab.



(fixed in dev, and will be in the next update)


I had this issue with certain files not previewing the sounds. I Madeline post about it and I just deleted the folder from my memory card.

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I’m curious as to which folder is considered the first or ‘Archive I’ ?

I noticed it starts (after the ‘.EII files’ folder) at ‘Archive II’ then ‘Archive III’ and then the alphabetical folders and then Proteus… but no ‘Archive I’

I believe the Archive is the Archive I

…the “Archive EII Files” is Archive I?

Yes, sorry I wasnt more clear :slight_smile:

Ah, I see… I DLed the “EII Files folder,” then deleted them, since I realized they aren’t wav files I could use, and I don’t have an Emulator II nor Arturia EII V to open them (unless the S2400 can open them?, I would re-DL them).

A dream feature request would be to take all the HFE files I have from my SP-1200 and read/import them to the S2400. Along those same lines the EII files are largely just a container that stores the sample data as well as keymap/envelope metadata. I do think they use an old telco data compression technique to store the samples though so that would need to be implemented.

Short answer is no, eii cant be read by anything other than Emulators or EII V (or the various sample translators out there) AFAIK



Maybe I’ll re-DL them anyways… just in case the S2400 will be updated to read thems in the future.

Thanks much! :four_leaf_clover: