Found out about this today- Tons of 90s sample cds on

Chatting with a fellow gearslutz member(grasspike) he pointed me to this:

I remember at least half of these and thinking back then that I couldnt afford 200 bucks for a cd of sounds. Now I get to see if I should have ponied up. :rofl:


jesus effin christ!!!

where’s the actual torrent file though?

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Im just getting up to speed myself, so Ive just been downloading via the 7zip link- no torrent as far as I am aware. I also noticed that when I opened Zero-Gs planet of the Breaks (one I always wanted) Wavelab, Quicktime, and Audacity are having trouble figuring out what sort of wav file it is. Ive tried a few variants and get white noise for the result. Im going to dig around and see if I can figure out if its just a bad archive or I am doing it wrong…


you might want to use keka if you are on a mac. they are wanky zips.
Also, chicken systems translator might help if they are akai format files.


Holy hell…

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Thanks Brad- I will check out keka. Archive utility could be corrupting the files when its opening them. So far everything Ive checked is a bunch of wav files, and they look ‘normal’ but its like the file header data is stripped out. I was actually able to get a few to open correctly but there are a lot of bad files… It looks like most of these files are wav in 24/44.1 format using intel endianness. Hopefully a better unzip will be all that is required.

@bradholland You were right- Keka did the trick. Thanks!!!


Great find! Are these going to be an issue to figure out for us less computer literate folk? I’ve got an older macbook that unzips with Unarchiver(?) is this going to do the trick?

I used to use Unarchiver, but dont on my DAW mac for whatever reason. I can say the default mac tool is not good. The suggestion @bradholland mentioned is available in the app store for 2.99. Heres the app store link.

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In my experience, this happens when you use WinRAR on PC to make a zip file, which you can, but macs don’t like it.

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A bit more info for anyone else on a mac at least. I was pretty disappointed that Wavelab 10 and audacity did not do batch resampling* but was able to find a Mac app store app that would do exactly what I wanted. Some of the sample wavs are 16bit 22khz(the mellotron set in particular, but not all are 16/44.1 or 48) so a resample will be required to use them in the S2400.

There is an app called “switch” in the mac app store that is free that will batch resample from whatever to whatever you want. I plan on using it to tidy up my entire samples folder and get everything consistently into 16/48. Here is the mac app store link. If you have other apps that do the batch resample I would be interested in hearing about them as well.

*I can do a batch conversion and tell it to convert to 44.1 or 48 but more often than not it just creates a corrupted file for whatever reason…

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@StupidAmericanPig Thank you for that link. I’m going to start downloading some of these today and being on a mac this is useful.

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did anyone get the torrent file for this? Or, if someone downloads it all. I WANT IT


@bradholland getting them tonight ill have a download link for yah by the am sir thanks for everything sir

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Ive searched high and low for the torrent file. I havent found it. Ive dowloaded about 40% of it though. I am happy to send an SD card once I have it all organized and resampled. As an added bonus Im in the midst of formatting the Emulator II library for use in the S2400…


Here is the torrent to another sample archive from the same user on


@bradholland and @everyoneelse :slight_smile:

The first review of the torrent I just posted says:

Subject: A Vital Resource

Contains a variety of more recent free packs along with (I think) all the content of their previous 90s sample CDs archive, which you can find here:

Not really a big deal but I noticed the complete Zero-G Jungle Warfare is in here twice; might wanna uncheck one of those in your torrent client or opt to download individual packs with the “Show All” option.

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this link holds many classics you will know from the 90s - they have been split into folders by type by someone too…so lots of work removed

zero g data files 1 and 2 are found here and below


This stuff is GOLD. Thanks OP!

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