My 20gb lifetime collection of acapellas

So, over the years (decades?) I’ve been collecting and amassing a collection of the highest quality Acapellas I can find. Anytime I find new ones I add them to the folder and re-update the torrent.

I’ve shared these amongst friends and r/mashups on Reddit but I figured you’d all enjoy them too, especially after seeing all the hip hop heads adding vocals to their tracks on the S2400. There’s TONS of hip hop acapellas here, some hard to find electronic vocals, some pop, many of which are studio quality.

I miss the days of acapellas coming on the B side of vinyl records, so this is my attempt at keeping that going.

If you have any difficulties downloading it let me know or post here. You’ll need a torrent client, I recommend Tixati because it’s completely free without ads (make sure to donate if you can- it’s a great program).

My lifetime collection – 20gb of high quality Acapellas

Password: freethevocals

Enjoy! :partying_face:

edit also, if you’ve got any that I don’t have, send them over to me and I’ll add them to the pack!


Oh SNAP! Thanks for this- I will see if I have anything you dont and send it your way. Thanks!


Broooooo you are a legend, I’ll snag this when I get home. Thank you!

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Thank you!!!

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I cant seem to access, just keeps going back to password entry. Cheers

EDIT Scratch that I was putting the wrong password in…

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Glad you got it figured out! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::raised_hands:

Yo, thank you so much for this ! Real talk I was just trying to find some hip hop acapellas !!

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jesus fuckin christ!!!


I think we need more seeders! Got to 33% and now I’m stuck…

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Same. Thanks for the share tho. Let’s get some more seeders!


I’m seeding generally 15-16 hours a day and my Tixati says there’s 16 seeders/18 leechers, so just keep your torrent client running and it’ll finish eventually. It’s a big pack lol


Great thanks Scott ! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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dude, nice one

yeah when i get my new building done (laughs at himself and his inactivity) and my turntables and records out i will record them all and you can add to the library-share and share alike i say

it my take me a month or two, although if my lady hears that she will kick my royal ass :rofl:

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Thanks so much, looking forward to using these when my S2400 arrives…much appreciated!

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Do the rest of us a favor if you’ve downloaded this already and seed! No one is currently seeding and my tears are flowing :sob:

Edit: it was just slow to start, 2 people seeding <3

I’m on a decent fiber connection and I’ll seed for the next week at least👍


Yes please - I have no one seeding as well.

I am seeding BTW if anyone wants.

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Thanks for seeding @tigerhill! I seed every day and will do so for as long as humanly possible, so at the very least there should always be at least 1 seed to connect to.

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Nice I got it the MP3’s don’t work in the s2400 but thanks I can use these another way

Thanks a lot Scott. This is killer mate

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