OK You all aren't posting enough videos - I am looking at you new s2400 owners

Why do you all have to be like that? You aren’t stupid, you know that we don’t have our 24-s. You know that we are pacing around our computers madly refreshing YouTube searching for any speck, any sliver of information about them. How many times can we watch Alex’s videos?
(No seriously, is there a limit?) Regardless you all sit in your studios birthin’ beats with the doors locked, the tin foil securely taped to the windows, and more importantly - your cameras sitting idle! Why do you have to be like that? Jerks.


I post a lot of things to my soundcloud (in response to some videos from a certain New Jersey based SP-1200 corksniffer) but for me I dont really post videos as 1) It adds a layer of complexity when I just want to make music. 2) I would have to have a more complicated signal chain to get decent audio in the video. and 3) Im lazy and or otherwise busy. I did have a start on a video comparing the S2400 to the og, but Im not sure I like it yet, so Im going to think about an entertaining way to compare the two that isnt just dry content. But I totally agree @kbraiden all of the more talented video producers should get busy… :rofl:


I don’t know if he is on this forum but I have seen a 2400 lurking behind Gaz Williams in a few of his videos…but no videos featuring it (I don’t think!)


Must be a video coming…

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Join the Facebook group. There are videos posted almost every day.

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Personally i think gear videos are more for Teenage Engineering OP-1/Deluge etc

With the S2400 your more concerned with getting tunes done and not showcasing little loops for likes

Yes there is agree!

i keep commenting to gaz everytime hes live but he hasnt answered…lol

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The S2400 seems totally up Gaz’s alley. I hope it get’s talked about on Sonic State. I’ve been hoping they’d talk give some air time to it.


Yea this would be great

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Give my new YouTube page a follow, and if you’re on Instagram I’m @jr.gz (made the day I got the S2400) - posting pretty regular S2400 content and if there’s anything you’d like to see in particular let me know! Certainly willing to show my take on new features as they fit into my workflow as a first time “modern sampler” user.

I surely won’t hold a candle to Alex’s demos, but a different perspective anyway!


I made a conscious choice to leave Facebook over the last 2 years - an amazing decision I might add before the U.S. election, highly recommended. I can still see posts over there but they make it unpleasant to use without joining. I am going to continue to stay away I think but good to know there is some content there.

I will confess that when I get mine I will not be making videos. But until then - I NEED MY FIX OF S2400!!!


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Yeah, I am not looking for a how-to video per se (but not against them - kinda agree this hardware may not lend itself to that). If you have a 2400 and you turn on your camera while creating a beat, don’t even edit it - I don’t care, post all 5 hours and I will be happy. Just need something to tide me over!!!

Thanks man, my first subscriber! - made the page yesterday lol, but you will most certainly get a shoutout when I win my first Grammy :rofl:. Exactly as you said, primarily to have a camera rolling (with HQ audio via Headset Buddy - highly recommend for direct audio to phone/tablet) while I make beats. Post snippets to IG and YouTube for viewing pleasure, and back to bidness.

If there ever is anything specific you want to see me I’m happy to try and work it in - and obviously feedback on my sound itself is always welcomed and encouraged. I’m still in experimentation mode, just started with live looping last night and my goodness the powers I’ve just unlocked…the S2400 is my Excalibur.

I totally understand. I left FB myself and took it off my phone because everything was so toxic over the election. But I had to make an exception when people started getting their units and posting stuff. It’s a great community on there, quite the exception to your usual FB groups.

Ok Ive been planning on doing a raw video making a track on the S2400. I will try to make one sometime this week.


In the new Alex Ball interview he did talk a little about the 2400 but he (Gaz) seemed a little down on it.

Mostly because he misunderstood how the channels work. He kept saying that it can only do four stereo sounds simultaneously, when it can actually do eight.