E MU Classic Series Vol 1-5 + Vol 6-10 EXB EBL

E MU Classic Series Vol 1 EMULATOR X
E MU Classic Series Vol 2 More Emulator Standard
E MU Classic Series Vol 3 Orchestral
E MU Classic Series Vol 4 Sound FX
E MU Classic Series Vol 5 World Instruments

800 Mb

The whole collection coming soon…


wow - thanks!!! downloading now. love the S2400 file exchange :smiley:


Many Thanks Drummatik!

These will be very useful. Please pardon my lack of knowledge, when I downloaded Vol 1-5 it came as a .exb file which I have never used. Would I be able to just add these in my s2400 or do they need to be converted into .wav files?

Thank you


If I understand correctly, these e mu formats will be readable in the next update of the s2400. On the other hand, if you actually want to use them before you will have to convert them to .wave. Hoping to have answered your questions, peace

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E-MU Classic Series Vol 6 World Percussion Ensembles
E-MU Classic Series Vol 7 E-mu Classics
E-MU Classic Series Vol 8 Vintage
E-MU Classic Series Vol 9 Psychic Horns
E-MU Classic Series Vol 10 Elements of Sound

500 Mb


Thank you! Very helpful information.

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THX much, hopped on to say really appreciate that :mechanical_arm:

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can any one recommend a fast way to convert these ebl files to wav? I’m using a Mac but searching the internet, still none the wiser. thanks in advance

I have no idea if this will help you, but Chiken Systems Translator might do it. You are on your own trying to figure it out though. It can be quite a challenge.

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Thanks, I’ll look into it. If not I’ll just have to wait for the S2400 to be able to read these files. Hopefully that’s possible in a future update. Pretty sure I read that somewhere.