More Factory Sound Banks- Emu

Hey all, another cross post from Gearslutz, not sure how much overlap there is. I have uploaded the Emu Factory sounds to my Mega drive:

Contents include:
Mo’ Phatt(Planett Phatt Mk III?)
Orbit 8080
Orbit 3
Planet Earth
Production Set
Proteus 1,2,3
Synth Mania
Vintage Keys
Vintage Pro
Vituoso 2000
Xtreme Lead 1



Oooh, nice! I’ve always wanted an Orbit… and Planet Phatt… and Vintage Keys.

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Much thanks SAP! Appreciate the share.

Thank you…!!!

Credit due to grasspike and a few other gearslutz, just passing along.


Mine stopped DLing at 99% (unregistered).

Do you need to register to to fully and completely DL it?

Hey @fooddude I don’t think that is required. I’m pretty new to Mega though but I bet @JDFlow may know.

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No, you don’t have to.

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@StupidAmericanPig thanks brother salute these are are must lol Litty!!

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I see. Mine stops and grays-out at 99% and doesn’t give me any option/button/link/right-click to DL it. Meh.

I downloaded them on my Google phone with no account. It does slow down a lot at the end of the download but it will eventually finish. Try downloading each folder one at a time. That’s how I do.

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Nope, you don’t need to register.


I see. Ok, I’ll try one-at-a-time later.

Success! Took all day tho, lol.

Fantastic! Can’t wait to try these samples out! Thank you very much!!


Good looks. Sharing is definitely caring. Now to get these sounds processed through an SP1200.

Can someone host this somewhere else, I’m having a ton of issues getting it all to download from mega, thanks!

Hey @tomswift I can point you at the original repo that was on bublup (grasspike on the slutz) but I think I have to ‘Invite you’ so that they can get another user/funding/claim growth

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This is awesome, thank you for putting this together. Unfortunately it took me two hours to download 345mb from Mega LOL. I made a torrent of the zip that should speed things up significantly.

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How are these btw? Usable stuff?

Depending on expectations and needs could range from so so to great. It’s certainly not modern sounding but there is tons to pick through.

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