Do I need to Register my second hand S2400?

I recently bought a used S2400 on Reveb - Do I need to register it?

If the police catch you making beats without a registration, you could be fined or imprisoned in serious cases.


Ok I guess I’m going to jail because I don’t plan on giving it up…
LOL!! Seriously I was just wondering if it was a thing to do just in case.

Hehe… not sure in all honestly!

Not strictly speaking. Unlike an MPC X where you need to be able to download licensed expansions and plugins, but there could be some advantage for having the S2400 serial under your name if you plan to order expansion boards!

Maybe my question should have been how I register my used S2400. Is there a way to if so, I would like to.

I don’t think product registration is a thing with Isla. I wouldn’t worry about it. Since you bought it used I don’t think it’s under warranty anyway.

Shouldn’t the warranty go by the serial number?

These types of questions are probably better asked via a support ticket through the website. They’ll be able to answer best that way.

Thank you for pointing that out, still learning my way around the site.

No problem!