Custom skin/decal?

Anyone know where to get one made? Like how styleflip does them. I can’t find anywhere but I’m into customizing my samplers lol

it’s a pretty new product, i doubt any dudes have them or perhaps think there is much of a market for this one? small sales

why not send the the unit to someone who does it? they will give you the altered face for free

personally i wouldn’t change the look, it is perfect

The look of the s2400 is nice I’m just a sucker for customizing lol. I agree though it’s just that it’s not very big because there’s already people selling skins for the sp404 mk2 and it’s not even out yet. The problem is I don’t know who to contact or reach out to for it.

The SP404 MK2 has a skin template/generator built into its editor software. Maybe @bradholland could supply a template to the community?

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That would be amazing if he could. Already got the custom boot screen next is the decal and side panels and I’m set :joy:

I too like customizing my gear. I love the way the S2400 looks as is so I’m in no rush to put a vinyl skin on it. I generally do that if I don’t like the way it looks stock.

What I am hoping is that Brad and the team offer replacement metal housings far into the future. Think about how many hardware samplers that are 25 years old are now missing their graphics or paint even.

Having replacement casings would be ideal, but I wouldn’t be opposed to skinning the S2400 one day to get the printed graphics back if that were the only option.


A sort of “magnetic/flexible” skin would be ideal. No worries about damaging the original paint. Maybe like in 2 sections so it would be easier to apply.

Would love to have custom color knobs, faders and pads. Like customizing all my gear.


I actually talked to styleflip they have a thing to email them and request gear to make skins for. If a handful of us did it we might get it made lol


All skins I’ve done were from 12inchskinz. Also chroma caps from DJ Tech Tools.

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Yeah I used them when i did one for my maschine years ago but styleflip has more options atleast for the gear i was trying to get done.

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