DeckSaver for the S2400?

I reached out to DeckSaver for a dust cover for the S2400. Production depends on the # of people interested…

Any chance that @Brad_Holland will have an official DeckSaver dustcover available for sale (on Isla Instruments web page) in the near future?


I just inquired. I didn’t think they would make one for the tempest but they did. Very hopeful for this one:) Of course I would rather have rack ears. If that happens then I do not need the cover.

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just ordered this dust cover from custom amp covers. i got them for pretty much all my equipment and can highly recommend them.


Which dust cover is that? I don’t see a specific s2400 cover on their site. Or if you have a link.

i found that one on ebay. don’t know why but sometimes they have listed covers there which are not on their own site. but you can also write them a mail and ask for an offer.



Give us your feedback when you receive it :slight_smile:

I did the same thing some time ago and asked ppl to help on FB. Together we can do it! :slight_smile: There is a form on their webpage for doing it.


They were very responsive to my request. Anyone else sign up for one?

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so the cover arrived. although it is still wrinkled from shipping it already fits nicely.
the cutout on the back is well done for the connections and it has a real thick quality with fluffiness on the inside (sounds like i am talking about my ex :crazy_face:).


Haha thank you very much for your feedback and the picture. Indeed the cutout on the back is very handy. Especially in your case with almost everything connected. It’s on my “to order” list now :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, how many weeks/days did you wait before receiving it? I’ve just ordered it. :slight_smile:

it took about 10-12 days


I ve just received it. Here are a couple of pictures.
My unit is just put on top of a Kallax piece of furniture :slight_smile:


Those are real nice!

All my racks are in SKB stacked rack cases… but my desktop/table units are just covered in felt/wool blankets - MPC60, Mackie 24ch, JV80 kybd controller and soon to be S2400… those covers would def be way better.

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Those look great. Anyone know of or even better can recommend any similar suppliers in the UK or EU?


custom amp covers ( are located in Bulgaria


I reached out to Decksaver to get an status/eta.

“We have requested the a loan unit from Isla Instruments…”

So, Brad is prioritizing us over 3rd party manufactures. I look forward to getting my S2400 Decksaver, but I’m happy to wait until backorders are fulfilled.


I wonder what the turn around time would be on loaning a device out. I suppose Brad could send that unit with the misaligned printing if they weren’t able to sell it. But yeah it’s probably not super high on the priority list. Would be cool though!