S2400 decksaver request

Hi , I contacted Decksaver through email for interest of a decksaver for the s2400 reply below ,just a thought
Thank you for your enquiry and interest in Decksaver products.

The tooling and development is quite expensive for each cover so we need to know there are numbers behind getting this done.

It’s been added to the request list and if it starts to get some heat we’ll look at it.

Kind regards,

Decksaver Team


Yes a Decksaver cover would be dope - or an in-house manufactured one for that matter.

They made one for the tasty chips gr 1 so I’m hopeful. My GR-1 was just purchased within the last 6 months and had a sub 1000 serial number so I don’t think sales have to be too crazy for them to make a case for making it.

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I just got one of these. Im going to cover it with a cotton design material. Pretty much perfect fit for the S2400. And so cheap as a protection lid.

I’m not holding my breath for Decksaver. I’ve been waiting for them to come out for a Novation SL 61 MKIII to no avail. Anything I can’t get a Decksaver for, I head over to Digital Deck Covers. They have one for the S2400 now. Isla S2400 Drum Machine Dust Cover


I will add that I have both types, and while the Decksaver presents well and lets you still display your gear when protected, it is a bit of a storage problem when you are not covering it up.(My Moog Grandmother cover is especially unwieldy) The Digital Deck covers are decent, and I have one for my ASR10 and SP-1200. They are at least easy to roll up and stash away.

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Same here, I have both. Whenever I get new gear the first thing I do is check if there is a Decksaver for it.

I think if everyone on this forum requests Decksaver to make one for the S2400 it might “get some heat” as they put it :wink:

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