S2400 cover - on a budget


Anyone found a more budget conscious cover for the S2400 (other than putting a towel over it)?


Pillow case.

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I use Digital Deck Covers for many of my synths now. Thanks for the reminder. I just ordered the s2400 cover from them for $32.


I bought this one and love it. Totally worth the price.


+1. I bought it thanks to a post in this forum. :slight_smile:
I would give 10/10 if there was a cut for the headphones when left plugged in.

Those Digital Deck Covers sound like a great deal. It’s nice they make a model for pretty much all my desktop units/keyboards/mixer and are also stateside (faster and less-costly shipping).

But, do their covers cover the rear-outputs?

why not make your own out of felt (black looks classy). it’s very easy, looks good and is way more ecologically than those ugly plastic covers that you would get from decksaver. i did it for a couple of synths and it does the job.

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I actually have a large felt blanket covering everything on my table.
But, I don’t know how to sew, to make individual covers.

I hope the cover is open in the back because otherwise it won’t be very useful. The other covers I bought from them had cutouts for various ports, but those covers were custom ordered for synths that I built.

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a look at the link from iofflight could help


From there FAQ page on their site, FYI @jbdiver