Can you run the 2400 in its case?

Would be great if you could. As it would save having to move it out of the case every time you use it. Could the case be adapted so you can run a line or the power supply perhaps?

I could be wrong…but I very much doubt it

I don’t see why not. Measure twice, cut once. Fabricate at your own risk.

Someone made red vinyl covers for the SP1200. I was planning on hitting the craft store and buying some red vinyl to have my mother in law replicate the cover and embroider S2400 on it. Easy quick water/dust cover for when not in use.

Not without making edits to the case, no

As long as it wouldn’t overheat this would be a small project i may do in the future.

I would think heat build up would be an issue.

it doesn’t really get hot.

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That is great news @bradholland. Keeping it cool. I’m uber excited!