I wanted to know what the lowest temperature can support machines like the s2400? I’m in a garage where it’s between 0°C and 10°C. Thanks.

zero is pretty cold so i would just cover it with a nice cosy blanket when not in use, i doubt very much it is too cold - had my gear on snowy ski slopes and all sorts doing gigs

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Oh thank you I am definitely reassured! Haha

If it is not in use it will not be generating any heat. A blanket would only trap residual heat.

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i think j.m didn‘t mean to cover the S2400 with a blanket while using it :joy::joy::joy:



Putting a blanket over an object that isn’t generating heat won’t change it’s temperature. Was the suggestion to leave the unit on while not in use and place a blanket over? :astonished:

no shiiieeeettttttt

but to say leaving it uncovered vs covered makes no difference is a bit mad - i gave my experience, i have had no failures in over 30 years so i must be doing something right

some users out there i have seen giving ‘performance’ or ‘demos’ could cover theirs while using it tbf :rofl:

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The topic is about temperature of the unit, not a topic about your gigs at ski slopes or your 30 years experience- your suggestion was to put a blanket over it. Obviously, you needed corrected.

This wasn’t a question about the merits of covering vs. uncovering for general protection.

of course covering something never helped it keep warm


as you were

get an oven or a heater. 10° max is crazy cold.