Burn smell from PSU - resolved :)

I just received my unit. Hooked it up for the first time. It was okay, played around for a couple of minutes. Then closed. Opened again, all fine, hooked it up to my PC via USB, and went to grab an SD card. 1 minutes later when I am back, the screen was turned off, leds were off too. And I noticed a burn smell was coming from the PSU side. Device no longer turns on - no lights nothing, but when you try to turn on, LCD screen flashes intermittently. It still doesn’t turn on though. What to do? I am quite bummed as I had to wait for it so long and didn’t even get to go through a tutorial or even load up a sample.

One thing, the cable I used is not what I received in the box, because the plug of the cable provided was for USA. So I used a cable with exact same specs - can’t really go wrong with those.

Located in Germany.

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You need to put in a support ticket through the website. So sorry that happened to you :frowning:

Yeah, i did and attached a video too, yesterday. Waiting for an answer

Support ticket has been responded to :+1:

So ähnlich war es bei mir auch. Freitag Nachmittag gekauft und Samstag Morgen wieder zu Thomann gefahren und eingetauscht gegen ein neues Gerät. Einen leichten verbrannten Geruch habe ich auch wahrgenommen. Tausche es um wenn du kannst!? Kleine Fehler können mal sein, aber ein verbrannter Geruch muss nicht sein. Trotzdem ist es das Gerät wert dran zu bleiben. Grüße!

Thanks for the swift response, hope it won’t be a costly repair :slight_smile:

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Update - since i think this is a good reference for the future :slight_smile: yesterday i received the repaired device. The issue was due to the PSU as suspected and it got replaced under warranty. Been fiddling around since yesterday and it seems everything is fine :slight_smile: Huge thanks to the Isla team (Rob) for giving it high priority :slight_smile: !!


I bought my unit a few days ago from Juno.co.uk in the UK and the same thing just happened to me.
Its only the second time I ever used the unit…
I had a major moment of panic until I read this thread.

I hope its an easy fix, but I really hope Juno can replace the unit so I don’t have to wait several weeks or more.

@stopmotion I had exactly the same thing happen to me in early December, purchased from Juno too. I think Juno might have had a bad batch… I did kick up quite a stink and got the unit replaced within a few days. The replacement is 100% - and I’m now a happy bunny