Heads up: Decksavers!

Coming soon! Juno has it for under $50 including shipping to the states!!!

Protect them S2400’s!


Wow thanks for the heads up! I mailed them a week or two ago and they were still in the packing phase. I’m surprised that DeckSaver doesnt get the jump on the retailers and sell straight from their website. I thought we were going to have to wait another month or so for shipping and unpacking and listing from all the retailers but that was fast of Juno. Awesome!

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it looks like end april delivery in the uk.

Officially up for sale on the decksaver site today!

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Anyone know if these will fit the isla wood sides? I think there is a slight difference in width- I noticed when I put mine back in my case.

I was wondering about this too. I have the @CurryCases wood side stands which are thicker than the aluminum & regular wood sides.

This is cool, but isn’t there about to be an official Isla cover? I’d rather wait for that personally.

It s coming according to Brad’s today Facebook video.

Not sure if links to other products except curry cases wood panels will still be allowed on the official forum as it gets deleted when posted on Facebook.

does anyone know if this will fit your machine if you have the curry case wood sides? I think they are slightly thicker than the metals, I say this because I still use the original packing box for storage and it is now a tight fit.

I do not think this decksaver will cover the wood sides. The official cover from ISLA is coming soon and other than Curry Cases has a nice cover that doesn’t go over the sides but just the top. Brad and Wes Curry have an agreement where Wes is welcome to publicize his products on the forum and FB page.


arrived today. ha!
and looking sweet.

i’d certainly recommend getting one, if you are undecided. not sure they will fit wooden sides, though. there doesn’t seem to be more than a couple of mm spare.

The decksavers will not fit the wooden sides. Someone posted about it on the FB page.


Just arrived here as well. Strongly suggest if you have the standard factory sides and cats

Mine arrived yesterday, fits like a dream and looks ace.

Hi, do you have the link to that FB post? I can’t find it… I’ve just pre-ordered from the new batch with the wood sides and would like to confirm 100% that the decksaver is not compatible?
Thank you!

It long enough ago now that I don’t have easy access to it. Brad’s new covers will fit but the OG decksaver won’t. I went with Curry Cases cover because I have both the wood and metal sides on at the same time.

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Thanks for replying! I will check that option out.
I’ve got a few months before mine ships

Ah that’s perfect, I mean it’s not perfect at all, but at least it proves it doesn’t fit! Thank you!

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