Copy Sequence Bug - not duplicating data

Copy sequence bug:

I have 2 bars that I want to copy 3 appends using the ‘Copy’ function. This has never been an issue before but on my current project, despite the step screen showing the data copied, it only plays the first original 2 bars of data and then plays out for the remainder of the 8 bars. To fix I have to truncate back to 2 and the redo the copy. This is happening on every track where I attempt this. In the picture below - bars 1-2 will play but you can see bars beyond 2 have data. Instead they just playout with no information being played back;

How do i upload a project? I.e. it wont let me upload a zip of the folder, do i just need to add the project file or do you need the samples?


Hey @Leighty! Thanks for posting!

The copying/selecting/pasting/erasing event on or multiple tracks in step edit certainly feels clunky and is something that I typically struggle with big time.

I’m not sure if this is the way to go, but I typically upload a whole project directory to google drive and link it here if the directory as a whole serves a debugging purpose. Nobody complained so far! :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise, you should be able to upload separate files here. The forum is tuned to accept all types of files supported by S2400, although I think there’s a limit on the number of files per post.

Do you think you could maybe split it into 2 topics and I could move this one to bug reports section for you? I reckon, it would be easier for the team and will facilitate two separate discussions so that there’s less misunderstanding in the end.

Thanks - i have split the ‘Erase’ function issue into a separate thread. I actually really like the workflow of copy / erase events if it works as intended. ‘Copy’ works fine just ‘Erase’ that is behaving weird. Personally find the OLED screen options for these menu quite clear and easy to select multiple track events. Just want it to work :D.

Back to this issue, i’ve loaded the Project.s24 and .kit. It’s pattern 10 that atm is playing only 2 bars despite having copied data for 16 bars. I’ve uploaded some drum samples that are used in the pattern. It wouldnt let me upload any more - let me know if you need all the files. and will add the remainder.

Project007.KIT (34.1 KB)
Project007.S24 (34.7 KB)

Note - i’ve turned the machine on and off and pattern 10 still acts as mentioned above, so hopefully this will be easy to replicate your end with the attached files. let me know if you need anything else and thanks!


Pattern 10 looks like an accurate copy of 4 of pattern 1. Unfortunately, pattern 1 is corrupted. The last event of the pattern has a bad data. I do not know what sequence of events could have made that happen.

I was able to fix the pattern. I changed the length to 4 measures then back to 2 measures, and the bad data was gone.

P.S. While you cannot upload zip files here, you can save them to DropBox or GoogleDrive and post a link here.

Thanks Mickey, that issue hasnt come back. Had an odd few days where I was getting issues like this on each track, perhaps it was the samples I was using :thinking:. Anyways, good to know you could remedy it by truncating the sequence.