Issue with Copy, append to self, undo/redo and freeze

This is something that happened while I was searching for another bug so sorry for being a bit orthodox. It is not like it is a beatmaking situation.

In the first video, the repetition of undo/redo after append to self seems to create a pattern in which the copied elements are not triggered in the first 4 bars. (Although they seem to be here in Step program)

In the second video I tried to show what’s happening in the first video. Unsucessfully. As it ends with a freeze, I m putting it here in case it can help :slight_smile:

Have tried to reproduce both of these unsuccessfully. Can you confirm what firmware you’re on, and maybe upload the project that you were using here?

Thank you. July firmware.
I’ll try to recreate it with a kit from the internal memory. If it works, I’ll create another video.
By the way, I’ve made this topic after this one :

It might be a mix of issues with copying while the sequencer is running and using the undo/redo function that reverts to a weird state.

Ah I see, it does seem like you have the transport running whilst copying from SD, so Mickey’s hunch might be right.

I suppose you’ll get beta versions with something that stops the sequencer when using Copy so probably not worth keep on trying to reproduce it here on my side. Let me know :slight_smile: