Copy/paste slices in multi mode

Please add a way to copy/paste slices and parameters in multi mode.

When you’re in multi mode, press and hold copy - press pad to copy - (still holding copy) - press pad you want to paste to. If you release the copy button you can “grab” another pad to copy with the same procedure.

This could apply to all multi modes and if multi mode sync is activated for a mode those settings gets copied to.

One of my favourite ways to use the S2400 is to load something like a piano sample for example and slice each chord in multi mode. Say there’s 2 nice chords in there that I’m slicing out to use and pitch differently.

As of now I make the same slice (chord 1) manually four times for pads 1-4, then slice chord 2 four times to pads 4-8. If there was a way to just copy 2 slices to other pads that would be a huge time saver and you could much more quickly just copy a slice to try stuff out.


Very useful indeed! May I suggest a different way to copy: in multi mode, first select a pad, then, while holding the Copy button, select another pad to copy to. This way, the user could copy multiple times without releasing the Copy button.

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That’s exactly the way I meant for it work! That would be extremly useful to me.

So basically as long as you hold the copy button you’re in the same copy/paste operation, with the first pad being hit is the one being copied and the pads you hit after that are being pasted to. Then let go of copy button when done or if you want to copy another pad.

Oh now I see, you mean if you hold copy and press (paste to) a pad the last pad selected before hitting copy is the one being copied?

That’s right. Thought it would be a simpler thing to execute.


Yes maybe! But then that pad would also sound on the first hit, before you do the paste operation. If you hold Copy the whole time you could copy and paste without the pads making sounds, not sure if that’s important or not but could be nice if the samples are long that you don’t need to hear them while doing the copy pasting.

Maybe this can be implemented when/if we get copy/paste for steps in step program mode. I quess it’s kind of similar to that since it’s basically the same thing that’s need to be done. Copy parameters.

Just as you would copy a step and paste it you could copy the parameters of a multi pad and paste only the parameters like slice points and envelope to another pad.

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Makes sense too. Then maybe press Copy, select the “FROM pad”, select the “TO pad”, done! Press Back to cancel anytime. This is also a one-hand operation which may be important for accessibility.

Yes! As long as you could add multiple ”to Pad”-pads. So if you want to copy 1 slice to 5 pads you don’t need to do the copy from thing 5 times.

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