Copy and a paste function in parameter edit pages

cold we have a copy and a paste function in parameter edit and also edit step parameter pages please


are you thinking so we can basically make edits to a step and then use that same step elsewhere?

if so yes please…


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agree on this one for sure

Would love this! Maybe copy+mute/solo buttons in TR mode, leaving the copy button lit/flashing and you paste to the steps you press. If you paste to an existing trig the parameters of that hit is changed to what’s in the copy memory. Hit copy button again to exit copy/paste mode.

Would also be great if you could copy a step and apply the parameters to the pad for playing. So if you have say a recorded snare pattern and have changed all the parameters of the snare track and decide you want to record some more snare hits with the same parameter settings as the already recorded ones, you can go in to step edit and copy the settings of a trig and apply that to the pad so you can record it again with the same settings.

Maybe the same procedure as above but if you have a step in copy memory and hit the pad of the track your editing the settings of the step is applied to the pad and you can exit step program mode and play/record it in.

So if you loose your track parameter settings you can always get it back.


was this ever implemeneted? copy + step in TR Mode. would be a major workflow enhancement. currently if i record midi in and its misplaced on the sequence, then copy/paste a step to a different step requires viewing the note info for that step in step edit, exiting step edit, deleting the step, adding the new step, go into step edit and edit the note. tbf that prob takes less time than it did to write but copy + step in TR Mode would be a great shortcut and then i could just remove the misplaced step.

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