Bouncing loop snippets inconsistent [IN PROGRESS]

I often have long loops that I trim down to a smaller slice (and then bounce out so I can resample using 33@45). When it renders, it doesn’t always work as intended. Sometimes, rather than bouncing out the snippet, it will resample the whole loop or it will change the start point. This seems to happen pretty consistently if I export to the pad I’ve loaded the loop on originally. I end up bouncing out to the pad beside it and then reorganizing the samples after. Anyone else having this problem?

If you chop up a sample and put it on a pad, mess it up however you’d like, and then try to resample, it’ll just resample the original sample. The way to avoid this is to do whatever you would like to do to your sample, then bounce to pad, either the same pad or another if you’d like to keep your original easily accessible, and then resample that bounce. It’s kind of a weird workflow, but bounce is basically resample, and resample is basically a processing feature wherein you can run already loaded samples through the 2400’s filters

Thanks for replying! My bad, I should have clarified, this IS when trying to bounce sounds. About 50% of the time when I bounce, it starts to render as though it’s resampling, or sometimes it’ll have a random start point rather than the snippet I’ve highlighted (Loop/Slice+B) prior to bouncing.