Loop / Slice not resetting with new sound assigned


Assign WAV to a track (say track 4)
Use Loop/Slice to set the start and finish
Bounce sound and assign to track 4
Start and finish of loop/slice remains and has to be manually set to match the new bounced file

Is there a logical reason for this behaviour?

This happens to me too and I think this should be moved to bug reports.

The S2400 retains the slice settings of the previous sound saved on a track if trim it and assign the newly trimmed sample to the track.

For example, I might load a drum break to a track, trim it to just a single snare hit, then save and assign that hit to the same track. The start and end points will be a tiny snippet of the snare and I will need to manually reset the start and end points. I can’t think of any use for that behavior, so I think it is something that could be fixed.

are you guys on latest firmware? I might be wrong, but i’m sure this issue was fixed :thinking: