Base Swing Value on Pattern

I really need Swing to be based upon Pattern.

I have songs in which some Patterns use 50% Swing and some use 60% Swing. The Patterns sound wrong if they don’t have the correct Swing set.
This is the way I’ve used my SP1200 for years. I have loads of songs where the swing changes depending on the pattern/seq playing.

You can do individual swing per track so that may fit your needs, I get that it is not the same as per pattern but I think it could accomplish the same goal depending on the number of tracks you want to swing differently.

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Yup you could copy your sounds from bank A to bank B and set swing differently and use the different bank for the different patterns…

That’s crazy.
What if I copy a pattern and want the copy with a different Swing?
On the SP all I do is alter the Swing for the new pattern.
It’d be a nightmare having to copy every track to a new pad and then change the Swing for each pad, lol.

Swing is settable per pattern in the next update.


Great stuff.
I’m using it a lot.
Thank you!