Song mode vs patterns

Ive been making a few patterns and then I enter song mode and then add in those patterns and when in song mode the drums don’t match like when you play them in patterns. Has anyone else had this problem?

the swing and tempo of song mode doesn’t match the patterns, not sure if there is a way to do it automatically but i have been changing the tempo and adding a swing event at the beginning to adjust

Yep, same here… just used the Song mode for the first time and noticed something was off right away. It seems like the swing and/or note timing in the patterns are being affected when in Song mode.

Ill give it a try later this afternoon i know you can make a song pressing the shift 2 or 2 i forgot the exact combo but it automatically adds that pattern into the song mode. Ill see if that works better for swing/tempo instead of doing it song mode manually.

song tempo is contained in the song, not the pattern. So you just set the tempo when you enter song mode.

Also keep in mind that the tempo won’t be saved in song mode when you save the project unless there is at least one pattern or event in the song.

@Kid_Missive im confused with what you mean by song tempo. in patterns theres a tempo as well as song mode. i understand that tempo wont be saved unless there is a pattern in the song. the beat is off in song mode compared to playing in patterns at the same tempo.

Set pattern tempo to something, say 160. hit song button, it will still say 120. You have to change it there as well once you start making a song there

“the beat is off in song mode compared to playing in patterns at the same tempo”

theres still a difference in the song mode vs patterns the swing/ drums are off at the same tempo in song mode.

I believe you have to set the swing again when you create the song as well. I never use swing personally, but you would create an event in song mode and choose the swing option.

That work? :grin:

thought the swing was always what you set it at before but k i will give it another try tonight thx i have yet to figure it out. it might also be instead of entering swing from the swing button, putting in the swing from when you add a sound from your kit in those settings ill try both and see what happens

It would be better to retain the settings of the pattern for swing and tempo. But the flexibility isn’t bad either, it just adds an extra step.

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Solution might be if you use 1/16th instead of quantize fine on kicks when using swing

Whoa yeah I didn’t even know that would work on fine. I more like to know what I’m programming and swing is just too much chaos for me. Maybe I just need to relax and salsa more.