Recording a Song-Mode fine? Or, should it be converted to 1 long Pattern first?

If recording a totally final/done-Song (let’s say to Audacity, tape, or any other recorder, etc.) , is recording the Song-Mode fine; or, is it recommended to convert that Song into 1 long (continuous) pattern first?

Asking, because the usual/common method for my mpc60 is to convert the final/done Song into 1 long Seq/Pattern, to remove any possible timing/lag discrepancies within Song mode in between the seq/patterns within it (even though I never hear any timing discrepancies in Song mode)… like say, when the Song-mode switches/plays between patterns/seqs or goes through them in order, there can still be a (very slight) possibility for any timing lag or gaps.

It’s common practice for an mpc (final Song-mode > 1 long Seq/Pattern); but just wanted to hear if it should be common practice and commonly done for the S2400 too.

I’ve done the 2 methods. At this time of writing (august 2021 firmware) I didn’t see the difference. I don’t know if there are advantages or drawbacks. The only thing is there are a couple of limitations when converting a song to a pattern so it may be wiser to stay in song mode just in case.


Thanks for your insight.

I’d love to hear Brad’s or a developer’s recommendation - stay in song-mode or use song-to-pattern.

Like @tnkz76 said, not every song feature translates when copying a song to a pattern, and there is no difference in the sound, so it is an extra step with no benefit.


Great to hear! Saves us an extra unnecessary step.

Btw: can you please remind me/us which exact features don’t translate when copying song-to-pattern?
I don’t know them, and I may want to take advantage of those features :slight_smile:

I will read to you now from the book of S2400, Song Mode, Page 44:
And lo, being it verily so that “tempo and swing changes within a song cannot be copied to a single pattern, so they will be ignored.”

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Thanks! I appreciate it.

Haven’t tried that “tempo or swing change in song-mode” feature yet; but sounds very cool, to be more creative. I’ll try it someday soon.