Question about Song mode tempo

What’s the advantage of having a separate bpm setting for song mode?

My latest beat has two parts with 95 bpm and 97 bpm. At least I had to set the song tempo to 95 bpm and insert tempo change event inside the song.

Coming from the MPC, I wish it worked in a similar way but I m curious to know how other people use song mode. Do you often change the bpm? What are you doing with song mode?

It just offers you a way to change the tempo of a whole song at once. How does the MPC do it?

Btw, if you use the Shift-F2 function when in pattern mode (Add Pattern to Current Song), it will add the current pattern AND tempo change to the song automatically.

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Thank you very much for the tip. I will do this next time :slight_smile:

On the MPC models I have the bpm is linked to the sequence. There is no extra layer of BPM on top of everything.

Until now I never had the need to set/ change a master BPM for a whole song. Because for the music I make changing the BPM means all the groove, all the loops, all the chops are ruined.

So I was curious to know if people change the song mode master BPM. For me it is just like an unneeded extra setting but you know different people, different genre of music, different workflow :slight_smile:

I use tempo changes all the time when performing, or creating a song. But, then I am using it for drums and baseline, not loops.

Side note, on the 1200, only songs have tempo, it is not saved with the pattern at all.


Thank you. I see now. It is like the original spirit :slight_smile:

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