Will Song Tempo override Pattern Tempo

If I have Patterns of varying tempos that I want to put together in a Song, will the global tempo of the song override the individual Patterns varying tempos?

For instance, sometimes I’ll sample a few two bar loops from the same song, but since it’s a live band in the sample, the tempos might vary slightly for each pattern (95.3BPM, 95.7BPM, 96.2BPM for example), I really like having this slight change in tempo to give parts of a Song a different feel.


Yes, song tempo overrides pattern tempo. You have to put the tempo changes into the song. Inserting a pattern into a song using F2 from pattern mode automatically adds the tempo change.

Thanks Mickey.

Good enough workaround with the tempo events.

Hey there - re-bumping this as a Feature Request.

Basically it would mean song mode does not have its own tempo, and just honors the individual pattern tempos.

I’ve used MPCs for years this way, and it’s very helpful.