Alan braxe playing autorepeat with SP 1200 - possible?

that’s an old video but quite illustrative of the workflow here.
Alan is making the point that he can play like an instrument its samples on the SP1200.

is there an autorepeat fonction like this one ? we have this on pioneer gear too, and coming from the dj world, its seems so natural to get such a functionality , especially for house music.

sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but as I watch this legend using the SP1200 like this with such results I thought I’d ask…:wink:
thanks !


so cool ! couldn’t find out in the video manuals, please enlighten us. :hugs:

it works exactly the way the guy is showing in the video on his SP1200

Hold tap/repeat button + pad. The track’s quantization will affect the rate of repeat of a given pad.


thanks @cfd2 !
I’m RTFM the pdf as we speak and trying to change the repeat on the S2400. so if I want to move from 1/16th beat to a 1/4 of beat as I repeat stuff that is pressed through the above function, is this straightforward ?

I don’t understand. I think it would make more sense if you tried it

thanks for being part of my learning process mate. :smiley:
I gotcha , I’m actually experimenting and if think I got the auto loop at a certain quantization as par of the sequence.
I’m trying to see if its possible to change the auto repeat quantization of a pad, within a sequence, on the fly, without programming, like you would to on a DJ controller.
Like x1/2 up to x2 for instance ?

I don’t know how it works on a DJ controller, but you could try going to track settings while the sequence is playing, change quantization value there and go to town

Didn’t watch the video yet, but it sounds like this is what you’re asking for maybe?

ideally , we would be in the sequence; so I imagine maybe we could use the tap/repeat button + pad, plus one of the 1 to 9 keys to generate shorter or longer looping effect like this guy is doing with rekordbox and a simple dddj-200, so it"s still manageable with two hands:

I could imagine this could sound like this :

hence the feature request.
this could be played live, or recorded into sequences as well.

happy to hear your thoughts !

My old Akai MPC1000 had this feature, so yes I get what you are after exactly - on the fly changing of the note repeat rate…it was a great feature.

this might be possible on the S2400 if using that tip eazyian posted - thumb on note repeat, index triggering pad 8, middle and ring fingers on the nudge left/right buttons and the whole left hand dedicated to the quantize button.

I’m adding this to the ‘production tips n tricks thread’ so mucho thanks for making me think about solutions!! (with an addition :smiley:)

BTW, Shift+Tap/Repeat locks repeat on

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Nice, thank you!

So just something to free up the left hand quantize button hold needed.

I jokingly suggested a nice purpose made wooden weight in another thread but some sort of button push combo would be preferable…

You dont have to do that either. Just press the Quantize button. While on that menu, pressing any pad automatically starts editing that pad’s quant setting. So, one hand on the pad, and one hand on the encoder or arrows.


great, thanks!

You could also just copy to the same sample to several tracks/pads and have each track set to a different quantization value. Then you could use note repeat to play the sample at various quantization values and have more control on what you were doing.


well, that’s interesting thanks .
I believe we are really on something that has not been exploited here yet, as the looping functions are both at patern level and Pad level .
Someone really need to this this through from a usability point a view as part of an upgrade I believe.

I’ve managed to loop by accident a fraction of my pattern rather than the pad I was pressing on. so cool !
but then I couldn’t find a way back to the auto loop state I was previously into…
also, as stated by @Sugarfoot76 quoting me (thx!) on his tips and tricks , you don’t want to use 3 hands and need to make this flawless.
right now, it’s way too complex to be used as a live feature IMO.
but it’s SO promising for buildups , tension and variations !!
should be accessible to an average DJ like me, in live situations as well as for production

is it complex? I did it live in this video


oh thanks for the quick feedback @project95 !
May I ask :
As its difficult in the tiny window to see what is it you’re doing - and drum and bass being very fast as expected :smile: my question is :
in that video, do you manage to autoloop a sample and switch between let say 1/4/th, 1/32th and then 1/8th of a bar in for example less than a second, or do you have to be in 1/4th, roll the sample, then dial to 1/32th, roll the sample, then redial a 3rd time and move quantization to 1/8th which could take several bars actually?